More Matty's Songs
A guy wonders if there was a goodbye, he'd never know where love could have gone.
Lead vocal by a great singer Debra Alexandra ... recorded in Merrick Long Island. with one of the many versions of the band OZ.
A sad ballad about a guy, watching the love of his life as she  gets married to another man.
A  children's song for the little ones at home. An animal telling his tale...
Debra Alexandra once again, pounding out this rocker...
About a guy who realizes, he and the girl he loved, both have to go on,,,, but without each other..
The night Matty met Debra, he sat down with her and wrote this tune for her. This is where their friendship began.
A country song about a couple who keep breaking up, only to find themselves in love again, only to breakup again.
Once again Debra, belting out what starts as a ballad, and ends as a rocker!
it's about a love so long ago, that he is starting to forget things about her.
He is in love with a girl from afar,. He wants to know who is that guy with her, an why can't it be him.
Just a fun song, about a section in a dept. store that has girls!!
No longer with his love, he misses her, and the night is cold without her.
Just a true story!
I'm In Love With Cindy (Betty, Sue and Jane)
Music by Greg Pulgin, Lyrics by Matty. Recorded by Ace Diamond.

You can hear it right here → → →  CINDY

Available on ITunes by Ace Diamond on his 25th Silver Anniversary Collection CD.
 Legend has it that there's a ghost in the Ledge Lighthouse. 
Here's a song Matty wrote about the ghost that resides in this lighthouse... "When Ernie sets the table"... 

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