Happy Birthday or 
just to say "I Love You"  Song

We will create seven  verses with all the information you give us. The lyric is then sung with a full  band accompaniment in our recording studio. The song is then put on CD, labeled,  and your special personalized gift is ready..    Does this person love American Idol?  Hate taking out the garbage? Love sports,  or going out to eat.. ? Do they hog the remote control?  love Dr. Phil?  Hates  dressing up, loves dancing?  Hates work?  Loves pizza?  Just tell us!  Tell us everything!   We ask over twenty questions about this person.. once we have your  information, we will create this unique gift for you, for that special someone,  that they will keep and play forever.. Your song is over 4 minutes long..  This persons name is repeated throughout the chorus's and your name is in the  beginning and the end of the song. Oztown has been in business for over 30  years.   Your CD comes with a color label with that special someones name on it, your  name, and the occasion,,,     

   the cost....   $49.95     (postage & tax included)

                                                                                         EMAIL: OZTOWN1@AOL.COM