Give the Love of your Life
A Valentine Song

Show that special someone how much you know about them...husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner....whoever! Why not give the love of your life their very own personalized song! All about them! Well now you can!

We ask over 20 questions, all about that special someone in your life. Do they love going out to eat? Hate taking out the garbage? Love TV shows...."This is Us", "Ellen", "The Voice", or other shows? Do they love Baseball? Football? Does he or she hog the remote? Dog or cat lover? Tell us everything! Dancing? Hate work, or snow? Tell us!

We take all the information you give us, and write a seven verse song. It is then sung in our studio to our song, and then put onto a CD with label, and your perfect gift is ready!

The song is over 4 minutes long, and your loves name is mentioned in the beginning of the tune and in every chorus. Your name is mentioned at the start and end.

We have been doing this for over 30 years. Your CD comes with a colored label, and their name and yours on the label. Since it's Valentines Day, we'll throw in a lovey dove line or two.

(If ordering, hurry! Due to having to send these in the mail, we will be accepting orders until February 8th).

   the cost....   $49.95     (postage & tax included)

                                                                                         EMAIL: OZTOWN1@AOL.COM