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Spaghetti Train 
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Matty Kaspak
Matty Kaspak was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and moved out to Long island in the early 70's. Pushed by his parents at about 4 years old to piano lessons...something he wishes now he paid more attention to. By his teen years he was playing guitar and putting bands together. These bands would play parties, then later, dances, concerts until it was clubs and bars.

Matty has played everywhere from outdoor shows, to Roseland Ballroom. When he got the writing bug, it never left. Learned whatever he could about recording and even finding jobs as a recording engineer for over 15 years. From the old days of analog recording to the digital age.

In the past he wrote a song called "OutRegis" for the talk show host, Regis Philbin.  Regis had him on his show twice and they went into business together selling the tune. He took Matty around with him and Kathie Lee for two years to their shows.

Matty wrote several commercial jingles for local radio and even wrote a novelty tune for a California record company that sold well in Germany. He wrote all the music for a children's program that taught kids to do the right thing in different situations. Between writing and co-writing, Matty has a collection of over 1,200 songs.

Matty is always writing and recording something. His military song "We Owe It All To You", is his proudest moment, with the military getting involved and giving Matty over 1,000 pictures to choose whatever he wanted for the slide show that his wife Donna put together, and having over 14,000 hits on Youtube.

Matty is married to his wife Donna for 15 years now, and still writes with the passion he had so many years ago. For over 2 years Matty has been taking some classic cover tunes and a few originals and preparing for a bar/club act and formed "Emerald City". He was out there testing the waters, and now with Allison Simms will be playing out on Long Island and Brooklyn.

Coming soon....rebuilding the yellow brick road!
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"We Owe it All to You"... photo's supplied by the Military for this slide show..  Photo's taken by our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

       With Amy Grant        Cooper, Stills & Nash      With Nicole Atkins
John Petrucci of DT                Regis Philbin            Pop Star Melanie
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   V I D E O ' S

 Hey Bartender There's A Girl In My Drink

This guy is so hung up on his girl, he see's her everywhere...even in his drink.



Kentucky Fried Chicken 


A commercial for KFC, featuring Matty's Nephew Matt Eisen.




Book of Love


Just give Matty a couple of cell phones and you come up with something like this...




Text & Twitter


Proof that you have to keep the video camera away from Matty at all times....




Calling All Stars


We warned you about keeping Matty away from the camera right?




Meant To Be


Lifelong friends of Matty's are featured in this show...




Black Cat


Some of the musicians, and good friends, that Matty was honored to play with....



Everybody Wants A Hit


The video that gave Matty the bug.....




Hope you enjoyed these tunes of Matty's....


Hey,,, Where's the video camera?    Where's Matty?    Oh no !!!!!!



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